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Monday, July 30, 2012

Perfume Binder

The females in my family are not usually perfume wearers, but we do occasionally like to spritz on a scent, especially if we are going out on the town.  Because of the seldom used perfume spritz, it doesn't really pay for us to go out and buy something designer, just to have it sit on a shelf for eons...aging and morphing into a scent that it wasn't meant to be.

My daughter came up with a very cool idea that will benefit each and every woman and man:  A perfume binder, using magazine samples.

We have gotten beauty magazines as gifts over the past year and she came up with the idea to tear out the perfume pages and insert them into a binder un-smelled.  When the occasion comes to 'splash' on a little scent, open your binder, pick your designer perfume page and unleash the scent, giving a gentle rub on your wrists, behind your ears, and sassily behind your knees, taking care not to give yourself a paper cut!

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